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Durango, Colorado Vacation &Travel Tips
Plan your travel to Durango, Colorado.

Book Your Durango Lodging & Hotels in Advance
Hotels and Lodging in Durango, Colorado go fast. For the best deals and discounts on Durango lodging, it is advisable to book your Durango vacation in advance. Durango offers hotels, condos, vacation rentals and cabins for those looking for a little seclusion. Book your Durango lodging rental today and save!

Durango Vacation Packages
If you're looking to book a no-hassle Durango ski vacation or Durango ski package, you can simply visit our Durango reservation planner to receive discount rates on Durango rentals, airfare, lift tickets, transportation and more. Build your own family ski vacation today.

Durango Mountain Ski Resort - Colorado
Durango Mountain Resort, known forever by locals as "Purgatory ", is a year-round destination nestled in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Durango Mountain Resort's unique location places the ski resort squarely in the middle of two weather systems with a reputation for producing big snow followed by bluebird days.
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Durango Ski Area Lift Tickets
If you purchase Durango ski and lift tickets in advance, you save big on both time and money. When you buy your Durango Mountain Ski Area lift tickets online, there's a lot less between you and the mountain! Upon arriving at the Durango Mountain Ski Resort, you can hit the slopes.  You get the lowest price and the irreplaceable feeling of being treated like a VIP Book discount lift tickets online.

Acclimatizing in Durango
The town of Durango is situated at 6,512 feet. Because of the high elevation, your body will react differently than it would at home. You will want to drink lots of fluids to help your body adjust to the elevation of Durango. You may feel a little lightheaded and even nauseous during the first part of your trip. Take it easy and give yourself time to acclimate.

Restaurants in Durango
While strolling through Durango you can't miss the varied selection of eateries all beckoning you to come sample some of the best food in the Colorado Rockies. Dining in Durango is an experience for the senses and offers the visitor a glimpse into the uniqueness of this mountain town.

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train
With the engine roaring in rhythm and the wind in your hair, you will be enthralled by the history that is the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Train. A trip back in time on this highly scenic train is an essential element to a Durango vacation.

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train Schedule
The train is in operation year-round, however during the winter months the train does not travel the entire way to Silverton, rather to Cascade Canyon and back. During the spring, summer, and fall months, when the train runs all the way to Silverton, you will have plenty of time in Silverton to grab lunch and explore this quaint mining town. The town of Silverton has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Durango
Durango is a very pet-friendly town. Some lodging companies in Durango offer pet friendly units.

What to Wear in Durango, CO
Though winter and summer both offer comfortable weather in Durango, it does get chilly in both seasons.
Wear suitable clothing to keep you warm and comfortable as you travel through the rugged San Juan Mountains. The difference in temperature from 6,000 feet to 10,000 feet can be amazingly different. It's a good idea to dress in layers, and bring a rain jacket or waterproof layer. Wear comfortable shoes and socks, and in the winter a heavy jacket and warm clothing should be worn.

Best Time to Visit Durango
Durango's peak seasons occur from January to March and June to early September as well as during the holidays. During the off-peak seasons, you can usually find better rates on lodging and occasionally two-for-one deals at local restaurants. April provides great deals on lodging, skiing and dining. June through September offers peak conditions for summer recreation. Most summer events and activities kick off on Memorial Day Weekend and run strong until the end of September. Durango tends to have Indian Summers, and the weather remains an average of 70 degrees during the day through September.

Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde Country is located just 35 miles west of Durango and is the archaeological center of America. Mesa Verde Country is home to Mesa Verde National Park , the Ute Mountain Tribal Park, Hovenweep National Monument , the Anasazi Heritage Center , and Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. The Puebloan people lived in Mesa Verde National Park From approximately A.D. 1 to 1300. A truly amazing place, Mesa Verde National Park is a Unesco World Heritage site.

Mesa Verde National Park Information and Tours
Mesa Verde National Park is open year-round and visitors may walk, drive, or take a bus tour to experience thousands of archaeological sites, interpretive loops, and scenic pullouts. Allow for a full day to explore Mesa Verde Country, and consider including a half-day tour of Mesa Verde National Park.

Road Conditions and Driving While in Durango
Durango is situated along the majestic San Juan Skyway. If you plan to take a trip along this route or hike one of the many backcountry trails along the way, it's a wise idea to check the road conditions and weather forecast before you do.
View information on Durango travel and road conditions.

Durango Transportation Options
View information on local shutle operators for the Durango La Plata and Farmington, New Mexico airports. Read about Durango airport transportation.

Events in Durango
An endless supply of events in Durango will keep the whole family entertained. From art and music festivals, rodeos, and live performances to outdoor adventure races, Durango hosts an amazing list of year-round events.

Wear SPF 15+ Sunscreen
Durango hosts 300+ days of sunshine per year which makes for plenty of fun in the sun. But whether you visit in the summer, winter, or any season, don't forget to wear your sunscreen.

Wildlife in Durango, Colorado
Although they may look soft and cute and cuddly, the wildlife you will encounter while exploring the National Forests and wilderness areas of Southwest Colorado are wild animals. Do not feed them. Feeding them will make them dependent upon humans for food and damage their natural habitat.

Durango, CO is also a sanctuary for herds of deer and elk, which can often be found strolling through neighborhoods, grazing on golf courses, and walking along side the road. Although these animals can be seen all day long, they are most likely to be more prevalent at dawn and dusk. It's imperative that you take extra precaution while driving during these times. Where there is one crossing the road, there are likely to be more.

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